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Welcome to our Office Farm!

Fortnightly harvests. Check the black board for more details.

Join the team from Square Mile Farms to harvest and take home the fresh produce!


We use vertical, hydroponic (growing without soil) farm systems to reduce water use, maximise growing space and grow indoors all year round!

What are the benefits of our office farm?


Agriculture irrigation accounts for 70% of water use worldwide


On average, Coriander travels 1400 miles to get to London


In the UK 46% of vegetables are imported


Our farms use 90% less water than conventional methods


Growing in your office means 0 food miles!


Indoor growing allows us to grow 365 days a year


Check out our recipes

Need some ideas on how to use your SMF produce? We've got you covered! Explore our recipes of the month below, or dive into our archive!

Chard and Eggs Bake

Chard & Eggs Bake

Perfect for brunch!

Lemon & Garlic Rainbow Chard

Simply delicious!


Curly Kale Kimchi

Fermented goodness!

Check out how our farm works, how it's maintained and how to get involved in harvesting!


How our farm works

Our Hydroponic Farm

Hydro (water) + ponos (labour): water does the work! Our farms circulate nutrient rich water to sustain the plants without soil.

Plant Care

The SMF team are on site regularly to look after our 48 plants and make sure they're growing happily and healthily!


Join a session with the SMF team to harvest and take home the fresh produce. Keep an eye out on this page for the next harvest date.


Check out our latest blogs

Explore our tips on growing at home and living a low impact lifestyle.

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