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Scroll through for tips on growing at home, recipes, thought pieces and recommendations to feed your mind!
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Jan '23 Farm Feed

And just like that, we are in 2023! As we look ahead to another year, a lot of us are thinking about what 'improvements' we can make - well, we think you're great just the way you are... but eating more greens never hurts!  


Oct '22 Farm Feed

The leaves are turning brown, the days are getting shorter and it's getting colder - it is officially Autumn... which also means it's spooky season.


Aug '22 Farm Feed

Finally, rain! And boy have we needed it! Hopefully, all the grass will now agree that yellow is so last season, and go back to donning a lovely shade of green.


Jul '22 Farm Feed

This month we've seen the hottest day on record, followed by some very dramatic thunderstorms. It's officially summer, but this is quite extreme - even for a British summer time!


May '22 Farm Feed

This month we supported Mental Health Awareness week from the 9-16th May. This year's theme was loneliness, so always remember (whether you're feeling lonely or not) if you see us out and about - come and say hello!


Apr '22 Farm Feed

It's an Earth Week takeover! 


This year's Earth Day theme was 'Invest In Our Planet'.

Scroll down for our suggestions on how you can invest your time, space, choice and interest.


Mar '22 Farm Feed

We're loving the longer days now spring is on the way and the sunny weather too (while it lasted!) 

We've put together some bloomin' great suggestions on how to use your spring greens and your time this spring.


Feb '22 Farm Feed

Wow, what a blustery end to February… Storms Eunice and Franklin have certainly blown away any remaining cobwebs from last year… along with a lot of other things!


Jan '22 Farm Feed

Wow, we still can’t quite believe it’s 2022, let alone that we've already made it to the end of January!


We hope you’ve had a brilliant start to the new year.

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