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Events you can choose from 

Looking for a team-building exercise or a seasonally-themed party? We can offer you this, with a green-fingered twist!


We offer workshops, seminars, and pop-ups to bring your community together while learning more about growing at home and food system sustainability.

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A 30-60 minute interactive demonstration, including a talk and Q&A. With the option  for participants to take something home.



A 60-minute, hands-on session - perfect for those wanting to get stuck in! Participants get to take their creations home.

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We can provide seedling giveaways, themed pop-up events or your very own farm setup.


Farm in a Box


A plug-and-play solution to bring empty spaces to life.


Convert empty retail or office space into a pop-up community farm. Benefit from business rates relief while adding bright and exciting new destinations to your local neighbourhoods.


DSQ "City Crops" Farm

Come find us in the heart of Liverpool Street, we are running a Farm in a Box in the DSQube Art Studio in collaboration with Nuveen.


From cooking demonstrations with local restaurants to regular grow-at-home workshops, we will be running a range of events free to everyone.

What's included?


SMF Experts

At least one SMF member coordinating your event, providing their expertise.



We'll bring the kit needed to run our sessions, including plants and growing equipment.


Take home

There is always something to take home with you, from a handout to a seedling, or a herb garden!

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