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We are on a mission to create healthier, more sustainable urban communities by re-engaging them in their food system. 

We do this by integrating urban farming into the workplace and creating unique employee engagement opportunities through events and farm participation. 

In doing so we provide businesses and their employees with engaging wellbeing, sustainability and CSR solutions.  Visit our For Businesses page to understand what we can do for you.

Our rooftop farm in Paddington

Our showcase farm in Paddington Central grows ultra-fresh, highly-nutritious, super-delicious greens, herbs and microgreens. We offer veg bags to employees of local businesses and we sell produce to restaurants and individuals (all within a square mile).


The farm is the first in a number of farms that we plan to build across central London. 

Veg boxes can be purchased online and picked up in Paddington Central, W2 throughout the week. Register below to receive our weekly email of contents and recipes, and keep up to date with events and workshops.

Who we are

At Square Mile Farms we are passionate about the food we eat and the impact it has on our health, and our planet.

Our current food supply chain is failing to give us proper fresh, nutritious food and most of the stuff we eat has an astronomical carbon footprint.

We want to put farms back at the centre of the communities they feed. By doing so, we provide people not only with the incredible flavours and health benefits of our produce but we empower them to be a force for change, and educate them to live a low impact lifestyle.

We believe in a sustainable food future where cities and communities feed themselves

What is controlled environment farming?

Controlled environment farming combines centuries-old hydroponic growing techniques with modern lighting and sensor technologies to create a perfectly controlled environment in which to grow leafy greens and herbs.

Because we grow in a indoor setting using vertical growing techniques, we can optimise land use, maximise yields, reduce waste and grow healthy, happy, nutritious plants. And all of this regardless of the season, weather conditions or temperatures outside. Controlled environment farming is also entirely pesticide free so we're not damaging the soil or natural habitats.

Finally, as urban farms are by definition in densely populated areas, we are growing right next to the end consumer. This proximity to our customers means that we can respond quickly to their needs and deliver super-fresh produce, avoiding the thousands of miles and wasteful plastic packaging that today's fresh food usually endures.

Want to learn more? Book a tour on our events page.

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We are on a mission to make a positive change in how we feed ourselves.
For us, and for our planet.

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