We use vertical farming to help people and businesses be healthier and more sustainable


About us

We create beautiful spaces that enrich the lives of city dwellers, providing them the incredible physical and mental wellbeing benefits of plants and whilst promoting a more sustainable agricultural system.

We do this by integrating vertical farms into the home and the workplace and creating unique engagement experiences through events and farm participation.

We believe change starts with the individual and we want to create a new culture of conscientious consumers who are committed to taking small actions so that together we can transform our cities from grey to green.


Our founding story

Our story began at the top of Heron Tower in London’s Square Mile district. Looking out onto the rooftops below one of our founders was struck by how grey everything was. Having recently heard of vertical farming he saw a huge potential to integrate this technology into the built environment.


He imagined new cityscapes where people could eat produce grown right next to where they lived and worked, where plants filtered polluted air and where people participated in agriculture and felt empowered to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Shortly after, he connected with his other founders and together they set up Square Mile Farms to create inspirational new spaces for the city of the future.


Our team

We are a small team united by a shared passion to bring nature back into our cities.

Our expertise spans real estate, consulting, commodities, engineering and sustainable development. Between us we have worked for some of the world’s largest companies as well as a few startups. All told, we have over 40 years of experience building businesses, coaching clients on their wellbeing and growing plants.


Farm Operations Manager


Business Development



Resident Nutritionist &

Wellbeing Consultant



Chief Product Officer


Co-Founder, CEO


Business Operations


Interested in working with our team? Drop us an email at hello@squaremilefarms.com with your CV and we’ll be in touch if we have an opportunity.

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