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Our Office Farm solutions

Office Farm design & installation

Design, build & integrate vertical farms, hydroponic towers and other productive green spaces

Farm servicing & engagement

Provide regular maintenance of your farm and engage employees in farm operations

Workplace wellbeing & sustainability

Deliver workshops and events focused on a healthy, sustainable lifestyle

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The Lettuce Grow Farmstand is a free-standing vertical growing system, housing 24 plants. It uses hydroponic technology to grow herbs and vegetables indoors, all year round.

The Farmstand is a plug and play unit, only needing a standard 3 pin power socket to function, with no plumbing necessary.

Farm Wall

The Farm Wall is a modular, vertical growing system. It uses hydroponic technology to grow herbs and vegetables indoors, all year round.

Flexible in nature - simply choose the number of 1.1m wide modules to suit your space. They can be free-standing as a partition or positioned against a wall.

221006 KKS SIM 5461 (1)_edited.jpg

Bespoke Finishes

Our portfolio of farms offers a highly flexible solution for a wide range of installations to fit seamlessly in your office space.

From build-to-order systems, scaled and customised to fit any space to entirely bespoke systems for a dramatic centrepiece, you can choose how you want your farm to fit within your space. 


We go beyond farm installation and engage your people in a new way

As part of your Office Farm experience we will host bi-weekly harvest sessions. We encourage people to get involved and ‘pick their own’ produce, guided by our expert team of urban farmers. This is the core of our purpose, reconnecting people with their food. They benefit from the therapeutic effect of tending to plants and best of all, take home ultra-fresh produce!

Do you want to take the engagement at your Office Farm to the next level. Choose from a range of pop-up events and workshops to host in your Office Farm. Find out more here.




How it works


Get in touch

We discuss your plans and your objectives and important details like the space and the budget available


Activate your farm

We build your very own installation and set up the online tools to engage and involve your community in the farm


Design your farm

We develop a design customised to your needs and agree the ongoing services once we’re up and running


Engage your community

We deliver experiences that support community members in leading healthier lifestyles and lower environmental impact

Enquire now to discuss your project

Where can I put an Office Farm?

Lobbies & atriums

leave a lasting impression

Conference rooms & workspaces

make a natural partition

Restaurants & canteens

grow produce next to the kitchen

transform under-utilised space

Communal areas

create an inspiring backdrop

We can put design our Office Farms to fit virtually any space, below are some examples for inspiration

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