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Do I have to tend to the farm?

Your farm will be looked after by a dedicated Urban Farmer who will be on site weekly.  They will take care of everything from topping up the water and nutrients through to tending to the plants.  They will also be there to answer any questions you have about the farm as well as giving tips on growing at home.

Do we need to water the plants?

Our farms are self-watering. They use an automatic irrigation system that will water the plants at regular intervals.

Will the farm attract pests?

Our farms are 100% soilless, so unlike traditional office greenery, pests will not be able to use the farm as a habitat. In the summer months, we may occasionally find aphids, but these are treated natural remedies to minimise any issues.  With our Urban Farmers visiting every week, any issues are spotted and addressed quickly.

Will the farm smell at all?

Your farm will smell amazing,spreading a pleasant aroma, especially when the crops are harvested!

Do we need to provide any signage or information for our farm?

We provide you with all of the informational signage, promotional material, flyers and blackboards showing what crops are growing and when the next harvest will be held.  We can also provide digital versions to add to building management apps and digital signage.

Do you use any harmful chemicals or GMO crops?

All of the nutrients we use are entirely natural and we don't use any harmful chemicals or GMO in our farms.

Does the farm use a lot of energy?

Our farms are very energy efficient, with each unit using less power than a flat screen TV!

Can we maintain and tend to them farm ourselves?

You will have an Urban Farmer who will do everything needed for your farm, however you are welcome to assist and take part in the process. In order to make sure your farm is fully optimised, it's better to let the Urban Farmer keep things under control.

How often will the Urban Farmer visit?

Typically they will be on site weekly to perform maintenance for your farm. Your Community Manager will keep you up to date and work with you to arrange building access etc.

Does the farm have to be connected to a water supply?

Your farm is totally self-contained, with a built-in water reservoir. Your Urban Farmer will refill this using a jerry can - they simply need a nearby tap (for example in a butler’s sink in a cleaner's cupboard).

When will our first harvest be?

By creating the ideal growing conditions, the plants flourish in an office environment.  Combined with the fact that we cultivate them in our nursery for a month, your first harvest is just 4 weeks after installation.

What can we grow on our farm?

We have a range of over 50 crops including; herbs, leafy greens and lettuces. We plant these crops as they get the best yields.  It is possible to grow fruiting crops, such as chillies and tomatoes, but these take much longer to reach maturity, which means you don’t get a meaningful return.

Will we need to replace any parts or pay for any upgrades?

Your farm has a lifetime guarantee.  Should any components need replacing we've got it covered. The pumps and lights we use have been tested for durability, so this is a very rare occurrence.

Are there any restrictions on the location of where we can have our farm?

The area just needs to have a plug socket close by and have easy access to a water source. When it comes to finding the best location, we always arrange a preparatory site visit, where our expert team can guide you on finding the right spot.

What is the best size farm for our building?

There are a number of factors that we take into account, including the space available, and the number of people in the building. The first step is for us to visit the site and understand the environment and your goals for the farm. We will then recommend the best farm solution based on your requirements

Who do we contact if we have any issues with the farm?

You have a dedicated Community Manager who will be the best point of contact for anything related to the farm.  This includes scheduling harvests, choosing which crops you would like to grow and arranging any events.

Is the farm loud and will it make any distracting noise?

The farms are almost entirely silent, with the only noise being a gentle “waterfall” sound at regular intervals for a couple of minutes, when the crops are automatically watered.

How often are the harvests for our farm?

Once the plants have reached maturity, we generally harvest every 2 weeks depending on what crops you have in your farm.  After 3 harvests, we will plant up an entirely fresh crop and start the cycle again.

Do we have to stick to the same crops once we decide on what we want?

You can choose from our Plant Library once the 8 week growing cycle is completed. You can introduce new flavours, or stick with your favourites.

Are we able to have events centred around our farm?

We host a wide range of events centred around the farm, including cooking demonstrations, workshops, seminars and pop-ups. Your community manager will keep you up to date on what we have available.  You can purchase individual events or book a flexible package.

Can we change the colour or customise our farm?

Our Farm Walls offer a wide range of customisation options including over 700 finishes. We can also incorporate any logos to either the Farm Wall or Farmstands.

Can we have a farm installed on an outdoor space, such as a roof terrace?

We have found that the best place for our farms is inside the building, where the plants will thrive right throughout the year. If you have any outside space, we would encourage you to use that for flowering plants to encourage biodiversity and provide a home for our pollinators.

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