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We bring vertical farms
to your workplace

empowering you to lead a healthier & more sustainable lifestyle 

The City Crops
Pop-Up Farm, DSQ

Come find our pop-up farm in the heart of Liverpool Street. From tasting experiences to workshops, we will be running events free for everyone from the 23rd of June to the 26th of July. We can't wait to see you there!

Our vertical farming solutions

Provide you with fresh produce

Improve your physical & mental wellbeing

Reduce your impact on the environment

Reconnect you with nature & community


What we do

Vertical farms

Beautiful, modular 'plug and play' systems

Installed in virtually any space indoors

Edible, aromatic and decorative plants that grow all year round

Wellbeing & sustainability

Engagement and participation in vertical farms

Events focused on the importance of wellbeing and sustainability

Workshops on growing at home and low-impact living​


In the press

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