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Office Farming

This pop-up Office Farm is brought to you by Square Mile Farms. If you're interested in having a Farm in your office, don't hesitate to get in touch for more info!

How it works


We design & install a Farm to suit your office


We curate an experience for your office farming community, onsite & online


Your employees take home the fresh produce for free


We run workshops & events to engage, educate & inform

Click to request more info about how we can bring Urban Farming to your workspace!


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Why Office Farming?

We're on a mission to make Office Farming a lifestyle. We're passionate about helping people reconnect with the food on their plates and realise its impact on their own health and that of our planet.


Create an Office Farming community

(Forum, Workshops, Seminars)


Employees take home fresh, healthy produce


Contribute to a sustainable food system

Our Farms

Our Farms grow local, ultra-fresh veg and herbs!

95% less water than conventional growing

Each Farm Tower is made from 74 recycled milk jugs!


Agriculture irrigation accounts for 70% of water use worldwide

Transparent food supply chains

Each Farm Tower is made from 74 recycled milk jugs!


Your tower is made from 74 recycled milk jugs

Growing at your office means zero food miles!

Grows fresh produce all year round

Indoor growing allows us to grow 365 days a year


We use vertical, hydroponic growing systems to reduce water use and maximise growing space. Our Farms include standalone Farmstands as well as Farm walls (like living walls, but the plants are edible!). Think your workplace could benefit from an Office Farm? Click below to request more information from the Square Mile Farms team! 

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