How Green Space Impacts Employee Wellbeing

Over the years, the office space has gone through a number of evolutions. From closed cubicles to open working areas to make-your-own barista stations and ping pong tables, employers have caught on and studies confirm that the design of a workplace has a direct correlation to the productivity and wellbeing of their employees.

The latest studies show that adding plants and green space to any office space greatly benefits the employee. A recent Harvard study reported that employees who work in offices designed with an element of green space, in the form of grow walls, vegetable gardens, outdoor trails or lots of plants, report a 26% boost in cognition, 30% fewer sickness related absences and 6% rise in their sleep quality. They also reported an increase in concentration levels, employee engagement and perceived air quality. A ‘green’ workplace reduces stress and anxiety.

Most importantly, employees want to work in healthier workplaces. They are looking to employers to provide healthier workspace benefits, from discounts on gym memberships to healthy lunch options and flexible working space and hours. Individuals have placed an importance on their mental and physical health, and want employers to do the same.

At Square Mile Farms, we not only design live green spaces in office buildings, we make them engaging and productive. Instead of normal house plants dotted around the office, we build mini farms of leafy green vegetable plants and herbs, that grow year round under special lights and modern technology. A group of employees can look after the garden by themselves, harvesting the vegetables when ready and replanting new seedlings. Rather than offering just an office to go to, employers can transform the way employees think of work by offering them the opportunity to engage with nature and living food throughout their workday, providing both mental and physical health benefits.

Regardless of your office size and set up, there are always ways to make it more green and appealing. Get in touch if you’re curious and want to see how we can help you!


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