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We are on a mission to make a positive change in how we feed ourselves.
For us, and for our planet.

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Putting farms at the centre of urban communities is a step towards a sustainable food future, but for urban farming to develop and evolve we need engagement from the community that the farm serves. 

We are running a number of initiatives to give businesses and individuals the opportunity to engage with the farm, including seminars on future foods, nutrition and sustainability. We are also developing products and services that will help empower you to make a difference through the food you eat. 

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  • Get access to farm produce, including leafy greens, herbs and microgreens

  • Exclusive access to new food products developed from ingredients coming out of the farm

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  • Get updates on upcoming seminars at Paddington Central on future food, nutrition and sustainability

  • Learn to grow at home, including tutorials on growing your own microgreens and building your own growing system

  • Access to our experts in home growing and in nutrition

  • Opportunities to help with the farm at Paddington, de-stressing from your daily life!