We help businesses develop a holistic corporate wellbeing, sustainability and CSR programme through the introduction of urban agriculture to the workplace.

Corporate Services

Farm Design & Install

We design & install farm-walls and other productive green spaces to transform the workplace

  • Improves the workplace environment

  • Creates a reason to be in the office!

Servicing & Community Management

We manage the farm, keeping the produce fresh and we create a workplace community around it.

  • Helps with employee engagement

  • Contributes to employee wellbeing

Wellbeing Services 

We offer unique workshops, seminars and education centred on wellbeing and sustainability

  • Demonstrate sustainability credentials

  • Give back to your employees


The workplace is changing. Employers have to offer more than financial perks in order to attract, motivate and retain top talent. Employees expect their employer to have their wellbeing in mind, whilst they have increasingly high expectations of their commitment to the local community and the environment. The same expectations are increasingly true from shareholders, community groups and government stakeholders.

Urban Farming has been shown to remedy issues that affect the wellbeing of urban populations, such as air pollution, poor diet, physical inactivity, depression and anxiety. Its introduction to the workplace offers the opportunity for businesses to reimagine the working environment and offer a wellbeing service with a difference to their employees whilst demonstrating their sustainability credentials.



We install farms and other productive green spaces in or around the workplace. These range from edible living walls to hydroponic towers in the workspace. They contribute to the quality of the working environment, offer employee engagement, and produce fresh, nutritious produce for your employees or canteen, whilst demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. 

As well as installing the ‘farms’ we also offer a managed service, whereby we maintain, harvest and distribute the produce of your farm.


Not only do we maintain the farm, ensuring it is always stocked with fresh, healthy produce, but we also create a workplace community around it. We involve your employees in activities such as planting and harvesting and we encourage them to take home the fresh produce.

Away from the farm, we influence workplace culture by providing a platform for engagement and education, centred on healthy, sustainable living, whether that be tips on how to grow-your-own at home, or workshops in preparing healthy meals.

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We offer workshops and seminars, as well as supper clubs based around the theme of healthy, sustainable living. All centred around the farm and its produce. 

We also offer nutritional consultations and grow-at-home kits to enable your employees to take the farm home with them!

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We are on a mission to make a positive change in how we feed ourselves.
For us, and for our planet.

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